Turnkey Greenhouse Project Workflow

Planning out your new farm project? Contact us now to discuss feasibility with cost and timeline studies.

Preliminary studies

Preliminary assessments of information such as site conditions, farming systems and crop requirements is critical to ensure the feasibility of each project. A qualified team of consultants might include a local Architect, Engineers, Fire Safety Engineers as well as greenhouse and horticultural consultants.  


Technical Evaluation

In the early stages, ADAS Green's in-house design and engineering team will assist to develop a feasible design based on crop requirements, site context and budget. 
By considering the operational and climate control strategies early, farmers can have a more holistic solution to maintain optimised growth environments and cost requirements


Shop Drawings

A set of shop drawings will be produced for Client approval as well as various Statutory Authority submissions as required. The greenhouse shop drawings contain information regarding the greenhouse layout, structural configuration, specifications, detailing and interfacing between various materials and ancillary structures. During this stage, climate control systems will also be finalised. 


Greenhouse Design Approval

Once the greenhouse layout is confirmed to be in accordance with local authority requirements as well as the Client's operational requirements, the next phase of the project may commence.


Fabrication Phase

Fabrication of the greenhouse structural frame, ETFE film and procurement of various climate control components will run concurrently with early site works.


Site Mobilisation

Upon obtainment of structural approvals and permits to commence work, early site works can be carried out to prepare the site for the installation of the greenhouse and other superstructure works.


Installation of Greenhouse Structure

The structural steelwork and roof framing systems of the greenhouse can be installed upon completion of greenhouse footing works. Various cladding systems such as ETFE and sandwich panels are mounted onto the structural frames as construction works continue.


Installation of Climate Control and MEP Systems

Alongside main structural works, various greenhouse components such as the rainwater collection systems, roof windows, fans, shading systems and air treatment systems are installed. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems will also be required to support the greenhouse operational infrastructure.


Testing and Commissioning

Following installation, experienced technicians shall ensure that each greenhouse component is functional prior to handover to the client. This may include the climate control hardware, motors, sensors, automation systems and greenhouse control software.


Project Completion

The farm project is complete upon the handing over of a fully functional greenhouse complete with its ancillary support buildings and MEP infrastructure.


Technical support

Support will be available after project completion to troubleshoot any technical issues and ensure smooth operations.