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Whether delivering turnkey greenhouse solutions, upgrading existing greenhouses, or simply replacing your old plastic film, ADAS Green is committed to bringing our partners durable, high quality solutions for controlled environment agriculture. 

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ADAS Greenhouses combine high quality ETFE greenhouse structures with automated climate control systems to ensure each total solution meets each farmers' operational needs. 

Our experienced in-house team of designers and engineers ensure the best of service until project completion, for both turnkey and renovation projects at any scale and form. 


Our TurnkeyServices

The ADAS Green team can be involved in every stage of project realisation, from design consultants to greenhouse contractors.

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Introducing ETFE Film 

Our ADAS Greenhouses use ETFE film, which has impressive durability, strength and flexibility that surpasses other greenhouse materials.

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Greenhouses for Commercial Production

Step into the future of high yield, controlled environment farming with integrated greenhouse and climate control solutions.

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Building a Greenhouse?

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Climate Control Integration

ADAS Green offers integration services between various climate control components, sensors and automation systems to create climate-responsive, smart greenhouses.

By considering each greenhouse's climate control strategy during the design stage, farmers can have a more holistic solution to maintain optimised growth environments while reducing operational and maintenance costs. 

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  • Indoor and Outdoor Sensors

  • Shading Systems

  • Exhaust or Intake fans

  • Circulation Fans

  • Roof Ventilation Windows

  • Smart Climate Control


Greenhouse Design Flexibility

Our structural fabrication capabilities mean that each ADAS Greenhouse can be customized to meet each clients’ operational needs. From structural layout to climate and fertigation control integration, we can design and deliver complete infrastructural solutions for the modern farmer.

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Benefits of ADAS Smart Greenhouse

Data - driven controls and decision making

Ideal microclimate with minimal human intervention