Grow with ADAS Green

Design your dream greenhouse, upgrade your existing greenhouse, or replace your old plastic film cladding.

Through every step of the process, we are committed to bringing our partners durable, high quality Smart Greenhouse solutions, which include ETFE Greenhouse structures integrated with IoT-enabled data capture and automation features.

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ETFE Greenhouses

ETFE film has an impressive durability, strength and flexibility that surpasses other typical greenhouse cladding.

Our experienced in-house team of designers and engineers can ensure the best of service until project completion, for both turnkey and renovation projects at any scale and form.



For professionals and enthusiasts operating at smaller scales that enjoy high aesthetic value.

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Free-form, unique, iconic designs can create the perfect atmosphere to highlight the beauty of nature.

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High functional value for commercial ventures through value engineering and smart system integration.

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Lightweight structural solutions with wide spans to provide weather and pest protection for large scale farms.

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IoT Component Integration

ADAS Green offers integration services between various sensors and smart devices to create Internet of Things-enabled greenhouses.

By becoming more reactive to external conditions, each greenhouse can maintain optimized growth environments while reducing operational and maintenance costs.

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  • Sensors

  • Control box with control system

  • Retractable shading

  • Roof & wall ventilation panels

  • Mechanical ventilation

  • Connectivity to desktop app / phone


Why you need ADAS Smart Greenhouse

With the integration of ADAS IoT systems into ADAS Greenhouse structures, the ADAS Smart Greenhouse is a complete infrastructural solution for the modern farmer.

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ADAS Smart Greenhouse gives you

Data - driven controls and decision making

Ideal microclimate with minimal human intervention