Our Services

With over 30 years of design and build experience, our in-house team of specialists is capable of handling every stage of your project, as both greenhouse design consultants and greenhouse contractors.

To provide a complete solution, our services include:
  • Design Optimisation and Architectural Design
  • Advanced Value Engineering
  • Customised Fabrication
  • Greenhouse Structure and Component Installation
  • Addition, Alteration and Upgrading Works
  • Replacement of Plastic/Polycarbonate Greenhouse Cladding

Our involvement in all stages of the project ensures that the functional and aesthetic requirements of each greenhouse can be met while still remaining structurally optimized. This is achieved through an iterative design and engineering process that allows us to consider many factors such as site constraints, wind and rain loads, cooling, shading and irrigation requirements, and user experience.

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For Architectural Projects using ETFE, please visit me.com.sg.