Introducing ETFE Film (F-Clean)

ADAS ETFE Greenhouses are not your ordinary plastic greenhouses! Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene film (ETFE) is an emerging choice for greenhouse material compared to polycarbonates, polyethylene films and glass. 

As the material was developed as a high performance plastic, ETFE has unrivalled strength, flexibility, and durability given its lightweight nature. Being chemically inert, ETFE has incredible resistance to UV exposure and is certified safe by Fire Safety regulations with no flame spread, toxic smoke or droplets. 

Due to its high visible light and UV transmission properties, ETFE greenhouses can enjoy the insulation properties of multi-layer configurations with little compromise on light transmission quality. 

From detailed design to installation, ADAS Green has a highly experienced team that can cater to any configuration for your custom greenhouse based on unique project requirements.

With its range of light transmission properties (such as clear, diffuse and UV cut), and multitude of benefits, we believe that ETFE is the future of greenhouse cladding worldwide.

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