ADAS® Premium Greenhouse: From Swimming Pool to Private Greenhouse

Location: Singapore
Material: Single Layer Clear ETFE film (250µm) and PVDF-coated PVC Mesh membrane
Area: 87 m2

In 2021, we completed a A&A project to convert an existing residential swimming pool into a private greenhouse for the owner. 

Recognising the importance of aesthetics and quality, our team designed the greenhouse to visually complement the house and perfectly encompass the swimming pool. The swimming pool itself was drained, and converted into a gardening space with a transparent ETFE roof, and champagne-coloured PVC mesh facade. These high quality materials are perfect for allowing abundant sunlight to reach the plants, whilst the mesh served to keep out insects whilst allowing visual continuity with the exterior. A smart duct fan was also installed to regulate the temperature within the greenhouse. 

Aside from being non-stick and durable, ETFE film is extremely flexible and strong, allowing the greenhouse to be designed with a uniquely wavy roof. 

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