Greenhouse Project Customisation


Preliminary study

With information from the client, a preliminary study is carried out to assess the requirements of the greenhouse project.


Technical evaluation

Our design, engineering, and IoT team will evaluate the feasibility of the project within the client’s budget and other constraints.



A design proposal for the ETFE greenhouse, IoT system, or both is presented to the client.



A confirmation of our quotation and proposal will allow the project to proceed further.


Shop drawings

Further engineering and design development will be performed to produce a set of shop drawings to the client’s satisfaction.


IoT prototyping

The project’s IoT architecture will be developed at this stage to incorporate the smart components of the greenhouse.


Authority submissions

Upon confirmation of the shop drawings, structural submission drawings will be produced to obtain approval from the relevant authorities such as BCA.


Fabrication and software engineering

The greenhouse structure and ETFE film will be fabricated while our software engineers configure the control panel and dashboard with the necessary components.


Installation and IoT setup

Installation of the structure and IoT system will be overseen by our specialized site staff.


Project completion


Technical support

IoT technical support will be available for the first 6 months from project completion.